Active & Healthy

The aims are that all children and young people are physically healthy and able to make positive health choices, have good mental health, have a positive and respectful approach to relationships and sexual health, and that their lives are enriched through the enjoyment of play, recreation, sports, arts, culture and nature.

Learning & Development

The aims are to ensure that all children get the best foundation in learning and development, have social and emotional wellbeing, and are engaged in and achieving in education.

Safe & Protected from Harm

The aims are that all children and young people have a secure, stable and caring home environment; that they are safe from abuse, neglect and exploitation; that they are protected from bullying and discrimination; and that they are safe from crime and anti social behaviour.

Economic Security & Opportunity

The aims are that all children and young people are protected from poverty and social exclusion; that they are living in child/youth-friendly sustainable communities; that they have opportunities for ongoing education and training; and that they have pathways to economic participation, entrepreneurship, fulfilling employment and independent living.

Connected, Respected & Contributing

The aims are that all children and young people have a sense of their own identity, are free from discrimination and are part of positive networks of friends, family and community; furthermore, that they are civically engaged, socially and environmentally conscious, and are aware of their rights as well as being responsible and respectful of the law.

Data & Information Hub

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In 2016 TUSLA and the DCYA agreed to establish a new project ‘Outcomes for Children National Data & Information Hub’ – offering a sustainable opportunity to provide a national standardised technical solution for mapping outcomes and indicators for children and young people.

This hub provides one centralised platform hosting an agreed set of indicators sourced from relevant published reports. A quick reference guide to assist in the navigation of the hub and the inventory of current indicators is available here.

The hub will be continually updated as and when the relevant published reports become available.


Our vision is for Ireland to be one of the best small countries in the world in which to grow up and raise a family, and where the rights of all children and young people are respected, protected and fulfilled; where their voices are heard and where they are supported to realise their maximum potential now and in the future – BETTER OUTCOMES BRIGHTER FUTURES, The national policy framework for children & young people 2014 – 2020